Wonder Juice Cleanses

 A Juice Feast! 

Why---Juice cleansing gives our digestive system a well-deserved break and floods our bodies with a feast of fresh nutrients. This allows us to release the    harmful toxins that accumulate within us over time. Our cleanses provide you with 100% organic, cold-pressed juice and nut milk to keep you nourished and energized while you take a moment to unwind and replenish your system. 

Please call ahead 24hrs to ensure that your cleanse package is in stock and ready for pick-up. We recommend pick-up every one-two days so you can enjoy the freshest juice possible. 

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Active Cleanse

1 day - $55 + tax,  3 day - $158 + tax,  5 day - $258 + tax,  7 day - $346 (+ tax)

Nourish your body with a diverse array of fresh juices rich in enzymes, antioxidants,

phytochemicals and other nutrients.

This is our beginner cleanse. 


1 The Brite

1 Pucker Lemonade

1 Good Juice

1 Peter Rabbit

1 Spicy Greens

1 Nut Milk


Green Cleanse

1 day - $60 + tax,  3 day - $173 + tax,  5 day - $282 + tax,  7 day - $378 (+ tax)

Our most pure and alkalinizing cleanse allows you to indulge in leafy greens

and gives your body a healing break from sugars. 

This is our more advanced cleanse.

3 Verde

2 Spicy Greens

1 Nut Milk


Broth Cleanse

1 day - $56 + tax,  3 day - $161 + tax,  5 day - $263 + tax,  7 day - $352 (+ tax)

Broths are rich in vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. They help strengthen immunity and heal tissue.

The Turmeric Treat contains fresh-pressed turmeric and ginger - two powerful anti-inflammatory agents that

will help you fight infection, heal from injury, and cleanse toxins from your body.

This cleanse can be made Vegan by selecting two veggie broths. 

2 Spicy Greens

1 Verde

1 Mushroom Broth

1 Bone or Veggie Broth (please specify your choice)

1 Turmeric Treat