About Wonder

Wonder is a 100% organic, cold-pressed juice and nut milk shop located in Boulder, Colorado. We believe that food has the power to transform your life. This healing force lives in the raw, carefully pressed and unadulterated juice coming from vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and herbs. Our juice is never pasteurized, never pressure-processed (HPP) and always served to you in a glass bottle. Each bottle consists of several pounds of produce and is packed with live enzymes, vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients.

More than just a juice shop, our aim is not only to help our customers flourish and live healthy, vital lives but to also support local, organic farmers and provide an enlivening social space for the community.

About Cold-Press Juice

All of our juice is extracted using a hydraulic press. The produce is first ground and then pressed between two steel plates. This process exposes the juice to far less oxygen and heat than other forms of juicing as well as extracts more of the nutrition our bodies love. Fresh, cold-pressed juice is crisp, flavorful, nutrient dense and truly unlike anything else.