Broth - Immunity Pack

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Broth - Immunity Pack

What's Inside

2 - Bone Broth* (16oz)

1 - Immunity Broth* (16oz)

1 - Medicinal Mushroom Broth* (16oz)

2 - Cure Shot (4oz)

1 - Flu Shot (4oz)

*We are happy to customize your broth selection. Would you like a fully vegan broth package? A pack with all medicinal mushroom broth? Or perhaps only bone broth? To customize your broth selection, please leave instructions in the comment box during check out. Or feel free to email us at

This Broth Immunity Pack combines house-made bone and veggie broths with our immunity shots to help facilitate a boost to the immune system.  These functional beverages contain superfoods and adaptogenic herbs to help you and your loved ones ward off sickness and maintain optimal wellness. 

Consume 2-3 bottles each day to infuse your diet with a concentrated boost of bioavailable nutrients and immune support.